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The company is represented by a team of highly dedicated shipping and finance professionals, who work diligently in the desire to perform smooth vessel deliveries. A key factor is the team’s determination to provide best of breed services and maintain professionalism to the highest standards.


Silvia was the first Cash Buyer to have a significant impact in the Bangladesh ship recycling industry by delivering the first VLCC ever beached in Bangladesh. The VLCC was sold to P.H.P. Ship Recycling Industry who are the first recycling yard in Bangladesh to become Hong Kong Convention compliant, supporting the development of the local green recycling industry.Business functions performed by a Cash Buyer include sale and purchase, financing, market research, evaluation and risk management.


Our longstanding existence in the Bangladesh market facilitates us with a comprehensive understanding of the market. What differentiates Silvia from our competition is our unique approach to the market and the emphasis placed on customer satisfaction.


Silvia works diligently, analysing the markets extensively to ensure a preferential transaction is achieved for both parties. Over the many years of Silvia’s operation, customer trust and continued high standards has supported Silvia as being recognised as an industry leader in the market.

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The 2009 Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships aims to ensure that ships, when recycled, do not pose any unnecessary risks to human health, safety or to the environment.

Silvia are determined to be at the fore front for change and have partnered with several yards with valid Hong Kong Convention (HKC) Compliance Certificates for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships.

At Silvia we can sell Green ships to NK class and Rina Class certified yards in both India and Bangladesh according to Sellers preference. Silvia provides full transactional support from the point of acquisition of the vessel until delivery and beaching.

Silvia’s philosophy is to work on a private and confidential basis with owners and other agencies on a discreet basis and to ensure all hazardous material are identified and then successfully and safely removed and disposed.