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The Silvia Group is one of the most well established and reputable ‘Cash Buyers’ of tonnage for recycling. Our Singapore company, Silvia Shiptrade (s) Pte. Ltd., was incorporated in 1996 by Mr. Mujibur Rahman Milon (‘Mr. Milon’), who was already a very well known figure in the Bangladesh market at the time through his pioneering broking whilst working for a prominent shipping agent in Chittagong.

In fact, as far back as 1991, he was instrumental in the first ever sale of a VLCC to Chittagong when he concluded the Pegasus group controlled ‘Axon’ to RM Corporation (the predecessors of today’s PHP Family, the first ship recycling company in Bangladesh to comply with the Hong Kong Convention on safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships (Rina Statement of Compliance).

Thanks to the perseverance of Mr. Milon two further sister VLCCs from the same sellers soon followed and Bangladesh was firmly established as a leading buyer of large tanker tonnage.

Primarily the group has acted as a leading intermediary for Bangladesh but over the years has also successfully concluded many sales into the other sub-continent markets and continuies to expand in these areas as well as the Turkish market.

Through our global connections we now have representation in Singapore, London, Chittagong and Karachi/Gadani in addition to the recyclers in all regions.


Our core values are based on the following tenets:


We have always adhered to our strong principles and continue to maintain the high standards that we have set ourselves.


Our longstanding presence in and understanding of the market has enabled us to evolve into an experienced and professional group.


We pride ourselves on our performance which is achieved not only through hard work and endeavour but as a result of o


The group employs a team of highly dedicated and experienced shipping and finance individuals who work tirelessly to ensure each and every transaction reaches a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.